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ARMT-5 complex is designed for implementation of a variety of electric survey methods: AMT, CSAMT, CSEM, RMT, CSRMT, aero- and carborne versions of RMT. Its wide frequency range (0.1 Hz – 1 MHz) enables applying this tool to explore depths from first meters up to several kilometers for a broad spectrum of targets.


ARMT-5 set consists of five-channel digital recorder, electric and magnetic sensors with external programmable preliminary amplifiers. ARMT-5 recorder allows one to visualize data in real time in both time and frequency domains. To quality control, a robust estimator of tensor and scalar transfer functions (impedance and tipper) is built-in.

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Контейнер с магнитными МF и НF датчиками

An important feature of the complex is a high execution speed of observations when performing shallow studies due to the use of ungrounded (capacitive) electric lines. The productivity of the observations is about 10 times higher than VES observations with similar investigation depth.


Specially developed controlled source (signal generator with emitting antenna) is additionally included into the ARMT-5 equipment set in order to provide measurements using CSAMT, CSRMT and CSEM techniques. Observations are carried out very fast due to implementation of automated and remote control of a controlled source over a radio channel.

For ARMT-5 it is available a number of induction magnetic sensors:

  • ARMT-HF with operating frequency range 1 – 1 000 kH

  • ARMT-MF with operating frequency range 4 – 50 000 Hz

  • ARMT-LF with operating frequency range 0.1 – 20 000 Hz.  

Magnetic MF and HF sensors are placed in a single plastic container with a bubble level and display for digital compass in its upper part. Such feature allows fast and accurate installation of sensors on any surface.

Further information about ARMT-5 can be found at Geodevice website.

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