Department of Applied Geology, Geophysics and Geoinformation Systems

Laboratory of geophysical prospecting methods 
Laboratory of geological information systems


jointly with
Institute of the Earth’s crust SB RAS 
A.P. Vinogradov Institute of Geochemistry SB RAS 

VII national science-and-practice workshop with international participation in memoriam of Professor Geliy Sergeevich Vakhromeev 


May 24-30, 2021
Chernorud near Baikal lake

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About the seminar

The workshop activities intend to acquaint participants with the newest achievements attained with the geophysical, geological and geochemical surveys and technologies in terms of processing geological information and capable of raising significantly the efficiency of prospecting and exploration of mineral resources. The exchange of gained knowledge and experience between scientists and practitioners, establishing contacts and agreements are also the objectives to reach.

The workshop is an excellent platform for informal constructive communication between the experts involved in various fields of the Earth sciences. 

Participants are welcome to present the report at morning sessions, in the afternoon the organizers will demonstrate the outcome of experimental works, probe new techniques and facilities in operation. The time for reporting is not limited; however notify the Organizing Committee in advance. In the evening, please join us for informal talks on geological issues.  

The important point of interest will be presentation of up-to-date software and hardware technologies employed in a suite of aseismic methods aimed at prospecting diverse mineral resources. Besides, experience and results from Geological survey, the prospects for developing geological activities to meet practical demands will be discussed as well.  

Venue for the seminar

Base of Practice "Chernorud"

The seminar will be held at tourist camp located near the Lake Baikal. Accommodation is provided in the guest houses equipped with modern living facilities. Bus tranportation, accommodation and three meals a day are included in the registration fee. The total cost is 70 $. 

The place of departure:

Institute "Siberian school of geosciences", оffice 5, Lermontova Street 89, Irkutsk


Program Committee

Chairman:  Doctor of Technical Sciences Kornyakov M.V., Rector of INRTU

Deputy Chairman:  Ph.D. Parshin A.V., Scientific Director of the Siberian School of Geosciences, INRTU; Ph.D. Shevchenko A.N., Director of the Institute of Mineral Resource, INRTU.

  1. Budyak A.E., Ph.D., Deputy. Director of the IGC SB RAS (Irkutsk).

  2. Gurevich D.V., Ph.D., (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

  3. Persova M.V., Doctor of Technical Sciences, NSTU, (Novosibirsk).

  4. Grebenkin N.A., P h.D., VIMS (Moscow).

  5. Svintitsky I.L., Honorary Exploration of Subsoil, LLC "Sibgeoconsulting" (Krasnoyarsk).

  6. Davydenko A.Yu., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Irkutsk State University (Irkutsk).

  7. Smirnov А.S., Ph.D., Gazprom Geologorazvedka LLC (Tyumen).

  8. Snopkov S.V., Ph.D., Deputy. Director, "Center for the Development of Additional Education for Children of the Irkutsk Region", Associate Professor of Irkutsk State University (Irkutsk).

  9. Agafonov Yu.А., Ph.D., Executive Director of Sigma-Geo LLC (Irkutsk).

  10. Belyaev E.N., CEO of Baigeo LLC (Irkutsk).

Organizing committee of seminar

1. Secretary: Ph.D. Davydenko Yu.A..
2. Assistant Secretaries: Abornev K.V., Prosekina E.V.



The reports delivered at the workshop will be published in a special issue of the Journal «Newsletters of the Siberian Branch, Earth science section, Russian Academy of Sciences. Geology, prospecting and development of mineral deposits» (SAC).

The papers 7 pages long will be referred to as short reports, so the Organizing Committee might consider publication of the extended papers in the other publishers with reference to this special issue.

Find the requirements to the format at the Journal site.

Deadline for paper submission - May 1, 2021.

Submit your papers as an enclosure by electronic mail:

Journal description

The scientific review Journal «Newsletters of the Siberian Branch, Earth science section, Russian Academy of Sciences. Geology, prospecting and development of mineral deposits» has been established in 1973.

Periodicity of issue: four times per year.  


Publisher: The INRTU publisher is the member of Association of scientific editors and publishers (АSEP).


The organizing fee is 70 $ .It includes participation at the workshop, accommodation and meals at the tourist camp. Delivery at 9:00 on May 24th  from Institute "Siberian School of Geosciences", Lermontov street, 89 and departure from the camp at 10:00 on the 30th of May.

Please send questions and suggestions to:
Contact number:
+7 (3952) 980-404, 8 (914) 898-04-04